Star Lord Hot Toys from Guardians Of The Galaxy

This 1/6 Star Lord Hot Toys is a perfect scale model of the character from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Star Lord Hot Toys from Guardians Of The Galaxy

When Peter Quill is kidnapped from Earth, he is transported to a new life as a Ravager. He was brought up by Yondu Udonta who taught him how to live by the Ravagers code.

Peter Quill as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Known by his outlaw name as Star Lord, Quill became involved with the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy after attempting to steal the Orb.

During the Quest for the Orb, Star Lord became part of a team that included Gamora, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Drax the Destroyer.

1/6th scale Star-Lord Collectible Figure

Linked by an opposition to Ronan the Accuser, the Guardians of the Galaxy joined forces to stop him using the Power Stone to destroy Xandar.

1/6 Scale Hot Toys Star Lord Figure

If you are a collector of 1/6 scale Marvel figures, you will know that Hot Toys produce the highest standards of movie-accurate figures.

Star Lord 1/6 scale Marvel figure

The head sculpt of the Hot Toys Star Lord matches in detail the facial features of Chris Pratt who plays the character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1.


Approximately 31 cm tall

Special Features:

  • 30 Points of Articulation
  • Movie-accurate head sculpt
  • Interchangeable LED light-up masked head sculpt
  • Highly detailed costume
  • Additional weapons and accessories


  • Head Sculpted by Yong Kyum, Kim
  • Head Painted by JC. Hong
  • Head Art Directed by Kojun

Release date:

Q1 – Q2, 2015

Star-Lord Collectible Figure

The movie-accurate Star-Lord collectible figure is a must for collectors of Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Toys.

It is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Star-Lord Collectible Figure by Hot Toys

This incredible Hot Toys figure featuring the newly developed head sculpt, an interchangeable LED light-up masked head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapons and accessories.

The 1/6th scale Star Lord Hot Toys Collectible Figure includes the following special features:

  • Newly developed head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles, skin texture and beard
  • Interchangeable masked head sculpt with LED light up function (red battery operated)
  • Body with over 30 points of articulations
  • Approximately 31 cm tall

Interchangeable Hands:

5x pieces of interchangeable gloved palms includes:

  • 1x pair of fists
  • 1x pair of palms for holding guns
  • 1x right palm for holding orb
  • Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted


  • One (1) light blue tee
  • One (1) red long coat with distress effects
  • One (1) pair of gray pants
  • One (1) pair of brownish red boots with boosters


  • 2x guns


  • 1x sling pack
  • 1x portable audio cassette player with headset
  • 1x real-like plasma orb
  • Figure stand with Star-Lord nameplate and the movie logo

Special Edition Bonus Accessories (for selected markets only):

  • 1x The Orb
  • 1x pair of handcuffs

1/6th scale GOTG Star Lord Hot Toys Collectible Figure

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