Wow! The Millennium Falcon Lego Set is Amazing!

The Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon Lego set released in 2017 is the largest ever created. With 7,541 pieces, this epic Lego project will be a labour of love for fans of Star Wars and Lego.

Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon 2017 Edition UCS (Ultimate Collector Series)
Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon 2017 Edition UCS (Ultimate Collector Series)

If you love Lego Star Wars ships, this will make your wallet open in less than 12 parsecs.

The attention to detail is unmatched. Lego has made every effort to replicate the Millennium Falcon from both the original Star Wars trilogy and also the Force Awakens. This means that there are swappable deflector dishes and interiors designed to resemble the various film sets.

Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Exterior
Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Exterior

Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Interior
Lego Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Interior

Ten mini-figures are included which are cast from both the more recent Star Wars fils and the original. So fans of the series can reenact scenes starring C-3Po, Leia, Han and Chewbacca as well as recreating events that featured BB-8, Rey, Finn, Old Han and two porgs.

Its the details which will make any Star Wars fan excited. For example, the heads of the characters from the original Star Wars movies spin to show their faces covered with respirators. This means that the mynock attack scene from Empire Strikes Back can be created along with a mynock Lego character.

The Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon Lego set

Which LEGO Millennium Falcon Model To Buy?

Are you ready to build the millennium falcon? This millennium falcon model is a must for Star Wars fans and collectors investing in Star Wars Merchandise.

So do you choose the highly collectable original millennium falcon model? Or do you want the more affordable Millennium Falcon 75105?

Are you a hardcore Star Wars and LEGO fan and nothing short of the Millennium Falcon 75192 will do?

Or are you up to the challenge of completing the 7,541 millennium falcon collectors edition? The information below should help you build your own millennium falcon.

Original LEGO Millennium Falcon Model 7965

Launch year: 2011

The Lego Millennium Falcon 7965 was released in July 2011 as a 1,254 piece set with six mini-figures. The product is currently discontinued by Lego which makes it a collectors item among fans of the original Star Wars movies.

Original Millennium Falcon Model 7965

The completed ship measures over 58.20cm length x 37.80 wide x 8.70 tall.

As an investment, a new 7965 has gone up in value by 1.84% in the USA.*

The six mini-figures which are included in the set include Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader. These come with assorted weapons.

The 7965 Millennium Falcon is designed to recreate the Death Star escape scene of. It includes an opening hull, twin flick missiles, detachable cock pit, detailed interior, control panels and a board game.

Millennium falcon lego instructions booklet 1

Millennium falcon lego instructions booklet 2

10179 LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

Launch year: 2007

The 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is a 5,195 piece set based on the original Star Wars trilogy. When it was released in July 2007, it was recorded as the largest Lego set produced up till that date.

LEGO 10179 - Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

This is the perfect millennium falcon collectors edition. As an investment, a new 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon has gone up in value by 14.65% in the USA, 15.77% in the UK, 13.40% in the EU and 10.13% in Australia.*

The set includes five mini-figures from the classic Star Wars movies: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The model was designed carefully to be in scale with the mini-figures which is not common amongst other Ultimate Collector’s Series sets.

The completed ship measures over 84cm length x 56 wide x 21 tall. This makes it the largest Lego Star Wars set ever produced.

Early sets included a special first edition certificate of authenticity from Lego.

Millennium Falcon Lego instructions booklet.

LEGO Star Wars 75105 Millennium Falcon

Launch year: 2015

The Lego Star Wars 75105 Millennium Falcon is a 1,329 piece set released in 2015. The model is based on the iconic star ship from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is perfect for Star Wars fans on a budget as it is a fraction of the cost of the Collectors Edition.

The set includes seven mini-figures from The Force Awakens: Rey, Finn, BB-8, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub Gang Member.

The model has a range of exciting features including rotating laser turrets, dual spring-loaded shooters, an entrance hatch and sensor dish. The interior offers a seating area with hyperdrive, secret compartment and storage area for ammo.

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 75192

Launch year: 2017

Released in October 2017, the Millennium Falcon 75192 is the largest Lego set ever produced by Lego. The model measures the same dimensions as the 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon but offers much more detail.

Ultimate Collector's Lego Millennium Falcon 75192

The Millennium Falcon 75192 includes the following mini-figures: BB-8, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Finn, Han Solo, Mynock, Porg, Princess Leia and Rey. This means that the set can be used to recreate your favourite scenes from the original Star Wars movies or the more recent episodes.

The design of the 75192 Lego Star Wars spaceship balances the exterior appearance of exposed studs with tiles. This offers a more appealing shape design on the finished model. The design incorporates more curved pieces to overcome the blocky look of previous sets.

Lego Millennium Falcon 75192

The set sold out quickly after release and is considered a valuable asset for collectors to invest in.

The 75192 is your dream lego star wars spaceship. As an investment, a new 75192 has gone up in value by 60.69% in the USA, 57.78% in the UK and 42.30% in the EU.C.*

*This is the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) accurate at time of publishing this article.

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 75192

What A Piece Of Junk: Everything You Need To Know About The Star Wars Millennium Falcon

“What a piece of junk” is how Luke Skywalker describes the Millennium Falcon when he first lays eyes on it in Star Wars: A New Hope. But for generations of Science fiction fans, the Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic space ships in movie history.

The primary owners and commanders of this ‘piece of junk’ is Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca. The Falcon as won in a card game called sabacc by Han from Lando Calrissian.

The famous ship has been responsible for some of the greatest victories of the New Republic and the Rebel Alliance despite her humble appearance.

The vessel is a modified YT-1300F Corellian light freighter. The modifications made by Han Solo and Chewbacca has increased the fighters firepower, shielding abilities and speed.

Passed down to Han Solo from Lando Calrissian it was later stolen by Gannis Ducain following the Battle of Jakku who lost it to the Irving Boys.

When the Millennium Falcon reappears in Unkar Plutts Junk yard in The Force Awakens, it had been left abandoned for years. It was from here that Rey, Finn, 34 ABY and BB-8 steal the vessel to escape a First Order attack on the Niima Outpost.

As she was out of options, and no other ship was available Ray remarks “The garbage will do!”

It Made the Kessel Run In Less Than Twelve Parsecs

Han Solo famously made the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs Millennium Falcon. This broke the previously held record of 18 parsecs demonstrating the improved performace of the Falcon after Hans and Chewies upgrades to the hyperdrive.

The Kessel Run is a route through hyperspace used by smugglers and ships carrying freight from the spice mines of Kessel. The 18 parsec route is used to avoid being caught by Imperial ships as spice is illegally shipped to areas south of the Si’Klaata Cluster.

The claim that Han Solo made the Kesel Run in under twelve parsecs is debated within the canon sources. It is thought as a boast by Obi-Wan Kenobi in  A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy where it is also described as a lie in the text.

While in Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side the narration states that “Not every ship is created equal and the rebels have the ship that did the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs.”

In the 1976 revised draft for A New Hope Han Solo is described as offering misinformation with his statement:

 It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs!

The claim is a means to impress Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker. The note says:

 Ben reacts to Solo’s stupid attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation.

What Are The Millennium Falcon Dimensions?

The length of the Millennium Falcon is 34.75 metres (114.0 ft). Although small, its modified hyperdrive makes it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. This makes it perfect for smuggling as it can outrun Imperial Star Destroyers.

The sensor proof smuggling compartments made it a good choice for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker during their rescue of Princess Leia Organa.

When Imperial Storm troopers searched the ship at 0 BBY, Obi-Wan, Luke and the two droids were able to hide undetected in the smuggling compartments.

Is The Millennium Falcon Speed Faster Than Lightspeed?

Han Solo clams that the Millennium Falcon can reach speeds of 0.5 faster than lightspeed.

Originally a Corellian YT-1300f light freighter (designation YT-1300 492727ZED), the space ship was upgraded by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

“She’ll make point five past light speed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”
Han Solo to Luke Skywalker

Due to various modifications of Falcon owners, the vessel retains very little of the original specifications. As a result, the Millennium Falcon can reach speeds that exceed any other ship in the galaxy.

However, these modifications have made the freighter more unreliable. Hence Princess Lia, in A New Hope, says to Han Solo and Luke:

 You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought …

And later in The Empire Strikes Back:

 This bucket of bolts’s never gonna get us past that blockade.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit

Rumour has it that the original design of the Millennium Falcon was based on a partially eaten hamburger. However the first designs were what became the Tantive IV which was used by Princess Leia Organa.

This original design looked too much like the vessel from Space: 1999, so a quick redesign was drafted by Joe Johnston who described the process:

 It was the quickest ship we’ve ever done. The Falcon was designed in one day. We took some components from the blockade runner, like the cockpit, and stuck it on the side of a big dish with some mandibles out in front.

The position of the cockpit has been pointed out by fans to be located too far to the right of the ship. It seems as though this position would create an obstruction from the ship body to the left.

However, a solution is presented in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Incredible Cross-Sections. As a cargo carrying vessel, the mandibles will dock with a cargo unit for unloading. In this position the cockpit is far enough away from the containers to see ahead and to the right.

Spending time filming in the Millennium Falcon Cockpit, Harrison Ford described how Peter Mayhew wasn’t able to fit into the seat. He also revealed that there was issues with the switches:

The thing I remember is they purchased all of these toggle switches. Because we made the film on a budget, they hadn’t bought the ones with springs. So if in a scene you would flip up some switches, if you didn’t get out of the frame quickly enough they would go back down, because there were no springs. I think they solved that by the second film.

Take a 360 view of the Millennium Falcon cockpit here.

Millennium Falcon Hyperdrive

A hyperdrive is a system of propulsion that allows a ship to enter an alternative dimension of hyperspace. This enables it to travel the vast distances between stars.

Most star-fighters and short range craft lacked a hyperdrive. Rebel Alliance ships such as the X-wing and A-Wing star-fighters, were fitted with a hyperdrive and could make far reaching jumps.

Once the hyperdrive had become established, it was possible to create a galactic civilisation. The Old Republic were thus able to explore the galaxy expanding its inclusion of civilians from the Core Worlds.

The hyperdrive engine of spacecraft were rated by class. A class One hyperdrive made the Carrion Spike was the fastest ship in the Imperial Navy. The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and other battle cruisers made use of the Class 2 hyperdrives.

This puts into perspective the unique engine of the Millennium Falcon. While the Desert Jewel of Nakari Kelen had an even faster hyperdrive of 0.8, The Millennium Falcon outperformed even this exceptional vehicle with a hyperdrive of 0.5.

Starting A Millennium Falcon Toy Collection

Many manufacturers have produced versions of the Millennium Falcon toy. Here are the most collectable Millennium Falcon toys available for the ultimate Star Wars fan.

If you would like to find out just how much your Star Wars toys are worth, Star Wars Toys: A Super Collector’s Wish Book offers a comprehensive guide to pretty much anything Star Wars related.

Use this book to guide you through the many Star Wars products to help you invest in the most collectible items.

Kenner Millenium Falcon

The Kenner Millennium Falcon was based on the ship as it appeared in A New Hope. Kenner sold more than 300 million Star Wars toys between 1978 and 1985. Fans often refer to the Kenner Star Wars toys as the vintage line.

The Kenner Millennium Falcon was produced in time for Christmas 1979. This toy measured 53 cm long which was four times too small to match the scale of the Han Solo figure.

Hasbro Millennium Falcon

The Hasbro Millennium Falcon of 1977 is one of the mst detailed and realistic Star Wars toys. It included LEDs movable parts and attention to detail throughout. This is a highly collectable vintage Star Wars toy.

In 2008 Hasbro launched the Legacy Collection 2.5 New Millennium Falcon. This is one of the Crown Jewels of Hasbro toys.

Collectors refer to this as the Big Millennium Falcon (BMF). It is 2.5 feet in diameter and loaded with details and plenty of working parts. You’ll love it.

More recently, hasbro launched a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon. If this toy goes up in value at the rate which the collectible 1977 release did, it would be a great investment.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Construction Kit

Construct your very own Millennium Falcon. Hours of fun for any Star Was fan resulting a fantastic display model to be proud of. DIY model starts as two 10cm square steel sheets and finishes as a stunning 3D model.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Diecast Replica

Measuring approximately 19-inches x 16 1/4-inches x 8 1/2-inches, the ship replica was created in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Museum of Narrative Arts Archive. 

The eFX Millennium Falcon Die-Cast Vehicle is an accurate approximate 1:100 scale reproduction of the iconic Star Wars ship.

This stunning “bucket of bolts” features lighting effects in the cockpit, headlights, and engines powered by 3x “AA” batterie.

Millennium Falcon Blueprints

You can also access the original Lucasfilm blueprints by the artists who dreamed up the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: The Blueprints includes more than 250 blueprints, 500 photographs and illustrations from the Star Wars universe. The book includes technical drawings used to create the iconic Star Wars sets.

Blueprints include the Millennium Falcon, Jabba the Hutt’s throne room, the bridge of General Grievous’s flagship and many more.

Where to Buy the Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon

Are you ready to buy your own LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon?

These sets are highly collectable and if you wait too long, the price will only increase.