Warlock, Gamora and the Soul World

During her attempt to fulfil her role as weapon to defeat the Magus, Gamora turned against Thanos and killed as a result. Fortunately Adam Warlock was able to transfer her soul into the Soul World which exists within the soul Gem.

Gamora enters the Soul World with Pip the Troll and Adam Warlock
Art by Jim Starlin (Marvel Comics)

Let’s explore the events that led up to the death of Gamora which brought her to the Soul world.

Quest to Assassinate the Magus

Gamora was rescued as a young girl by Thanos to become a weapon to take revenge on the Magus that destroyed her home planet.

As she reached adulthood, it was time for Gamora to seek out and destroy Magus and the Universal Church of the Truth. This was the plan of Thanos for Gamora since he originally adopted her.

Gamora travels to Homeworld, to defeat the Black Knights of the Universal Church of the Truth. At the Church’s base, she was to wait for Thanos to instruct her when to attack the Magus.

Gamora Meets Pip the Troll and Adam Warlock

Allied with Pip the Troll, and Adam Warlock she was able to approach Magus undetected.

Although she was able to get close to Magus, she was not able to fulfil the assassination attempt.

Thanos teleports in to save Gamora where he joins her, Pip and Warlock in a battle with an army of knights of the Universal Church.

During this encounter, Warlock learns that Magus is, in fact, a future version of himself that has been driven mad by the Soul Gem.

To prevent himself from becoming the Magus, Warlock travels into the future to take the soul of his future self.

Thanos and Magus do battle and as Magus is defeated his existence in reality-616 is irradiated.

Gamora attacked by Drax the Destroyer

Now that Magus was no longer a threat, Thanos did not have any purpose in keeping Gamora. Gamora was sent by Thanos to follow Adam Warlock as this would prevent her from learning of the true nature of Thanos plans.

Gamora welcomed the assignment as she had previously been involved in a romantic affair with Warlock.

Before she could begin her mission, Drax the Destroyer targeted her ship because of her close relationship with Thanos. As Drax destroys Gamoras ship, her mission to hut down Warlock was ended.

When Warlock learns of the other five Gems related to his Soul Gem, Thanos tries to collect all five stones to destroy the Sun.

Gamora Reveals Thanos Plot to Adam Warlock. Avengers Annual #7. Art by Jim Starlin. (Marvel Comics)
Avengers Annual #7. Art by Jim Starlin (Marvel Comics)

Gamora somehow survived the attack by Drax and returned to Sanctuary II. Here she learned of the insanity of Thanos and that he wished to attempt stellar genocide.

What is the missing story of Gamora?

During these events, Gamora learns that Thanos is not the loving father she grew up to assume.

At some point, Gamora learns of Thanos’ plans for stellar genocide. She decides to break her loyalties from Thanos.

As a result of discovering his plan to commit a galactic massacre, she betrays Thanos by trying to stab him with a dagger.

Thanos then retaliates in an action so fierce that it causes the death of Gamora along with Pip the Troll.

However, these important events in the early life of Gamora are missing from the comics.

The Warlock comic book was cancelled after Warlock#15 which left out large areas of the plot before the story concludes in Avengers Annual #7 and Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2.

The attack on Gamers ship by Drax the Destroyer is the last that we see of Gamora before the missing events. The resumed plot shows Gamora dying from damage caused by Thanos.

According to Jim Starlin, writer of Gamoras adventures at that time, there should have been a Warlock#16. However, a clash between Starlin and his editor Gerry Conway brought the story to a standstill.

Low sales of Warlock ended the comic series and when the story was due to be concluded, a shortage of paper prevented the full plot to be printed.

Gamora in the Soul World

Due to the actions of Thanos that happen outside of the published story, Gamora and Pip are mortally injured.

As Gamora lay dying, she reports to Warlock of the true intentions of Thanos that she uncovered. Warlock used his Soul Gem to send their souls to live within the Soul World.

Gamora near to death saved by Warlock
Art by Jim Starlin (Marvel Comics)

When Adam Warlock is killed by his younger self, he joins Gamora and Pip in Soul world where they live in peace.

Years later, the Soul World was visited by Drax the Destroyer and Silver Surfer. They seek assistance from Warlock to help them defeat Thanos after he returned from the dead.

Warlock helps guide Gamora and Pip out of the Soulworld to prevent Thanos from continuing to increase in power.

In order to exist in the real world, the souls of Gamora, Pip and Warlock needed bodies to inhabit. They found three car-accident fatalities that offered them the bodies that they required.

Gamora is returned to life in Infinity Gauntlet #1 as the revived corpse of a woman named Bambi Long.

These events led up to the epic The Infinity Gauntlet story arc.

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