Gamora and the Thanosi

When Gamora discovers that Thanos is not dead, she discovers that five clones of Thanos exist called the Thanosi.

Gamora and the Thanosi in Infinity Abyss by Marvel Comics

The Thanosi are failed genetic experiments which share the DNA of Thanos and characteristics of five superheroes: Professor X; Doctor Strange; Gladiator; Iron Man and Galactus.

The Thanosi, named X; Mystic; Warrior; Armor and Omega are a nihilistic group determined to destroy Thanos with a black hole that they plot to create.

Gamora on Baligeist

The Infinity Abyss story begins with Gamora on a type of holiday. Following her departure from the Infinity Watch, Gamora decides to take a relaxation break on a space port named Baligeist.

She overhears a local having a conversation that suggests Thanos will be on stage giving a talk.

Gamora on Baligeist

Understanding that Thanos was dead, this intregued Gamora to take a look.

The Thanos that she saw, she described as “a bad parody of Iron Man,” since he wore a cheap looking Thanos costume.

Gamora and the Nihilist sect

The Thanos parody spotted Gamora in the crowd and ordered a group of loyal followers from the Thanos cult to atttack her.

The Thanos Clone Armor

During this battle against the followers of Thanos, Gamora had to kill thousands of attackers in order to escape.

Gamora is attacked by Followers of the Thanos Clone

She barely managed to flee the mob persuing her and fled the space port in search of answers. She travelled to a hideout that she knew to be used by Thanos.

Gamora easily defeats the Followers of Armor

The Thanosi

The Thanosi are the major villain in the Infinity Abyss. Gamora learns of their origins from Thanos in his hideout.

When Gamora arrived at Thanos’s hideout, the place had been ransacked and there was a Skrull research vessel waiting outside.

Gamora meets Thanos in his Hideout

On entering the base, she found Thanos suffering from injuries.

Thanos began to describe the origin of the Thanosi.

She discovered that the Thanos that attacked Gamora at the ralley was a Thanosi named Armor, an escaped clone with Iron Man genetic powers.

Thanos shows Gamora the Chamber of his Experiments

Thanos showed Gamora the secret lab where he conceived the idea of the Thanosi. He had created five clones using his DNA which were genetically linked to other superheroes.

These clones were developed to combine the DNA of Thanos with other super powers to test the abilities of various super heroes against the death god Walker.

Gamora discovers the Clones of Thanos

The nihilistic behaviour of the Thanosi led Thanos to believe they were a failure and sent them to be recycled.

However five of the clones were set free by Atlez who wanted to use them to help her rescue Adam Warlock from an insane asylum.

Gamora and Thanos decide to defeat the Thanosi

Having escaped, the Thanosi agreed to combine their efforts to bring oblivion to the universe by killing Warlock.

The five Thanosi are based on five super powered villains and heroes.

  • X = Professor X;
  • Mystic = Doctor Strange;
  • Warrior = Gladiator;
  • Armor = Iron Man
  • Omega = Galactus

As they set out on their nihilistic plan, Omega begins devouring planets while the other Thanosi attempt to kill Thanos. It is at this time the Armor founds a nihilistic following on Baligiest.

Defeating The Thanosi

Gamora worked with the injured Thanos to lure Armor into an ambush where she defeated Armor.

They managed to track down Omega and X who were trying to destroy Atleza Langunn. As Gamora tried to defeat X, it survived her attack.

Gamora and Spiderman held by Thanosi named X

Impersonating Thanos, X was able to convince Pip the Troll to capture Warlock and get information from him. The Thanosi plan to locate the Anchor of Reality who Adam had previously made contact with.

Using the death of the Anchor of Reality the Thanosi plan to bring the universe to an end.

Gamora attacked by the Thanosi in Infinity Abyss

Warlock, Doctor Strange; Spider-Man; Captain Marvel and Moondragon join in the fight against the Thanosi. With their help, thanks is able to neutralise four of the five clones.

Omega locates the Anchor of Reality on Earth and attempts to kill it. Thanos is able to teleport Omega to a barren planet where the heroes are able to do battle with Omega.

Thanos then teleports the heroes away from the planet and sends his mercenary fleet in to destroy the planet and Omega.

Following the death of the Anchor of Reality Atleza, becomes the new successor. With Atleza in this new powerful role, the threat is nutralised.

After the battle, Gamora and Adam decide to retire into another dimension to raise, Atleza.

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