Gamora, She Hulk and The Champion of the Universe

When the Champion of the Universe takes control over the planet Skardon the only way he would agree to give up his power is by being defeated in the ring.

How Gamora helped She Hulk defeat the Champion of the Universe

Many super heroes attempt to defeat the Champion, but all fail. It is left up to She Hulk trained by Gamora to try and defeat the ruler.

Gamora advises that She Hulk train in her Jennifer Walters form as any strength that she gain as a human is magnifies when she transforms.

After applying the advise of Gamora, She Hulk was able to get into the ring with the Champion of the Universe and defeat him.

The Champion of the Universe

Tryco Slatterus is one of the elders of the universe born billions of years ago. As Champion of the Universe, he must uphold his place as undefeated Champion.

The Promoter Supreme, Proja is sent ahead of Tryco to recruit the strongest warriors of a planet to attempt to fight the Champion for his title. If any warriors refuse to fight, then their planet will be destroyed.

The Champion Vs Earth

When the Champion of the Universe comes to Earth he nominates Hulk, Thor, Thing, Colossus, Sasquatch, Namor, Doc Samson and Wonder Man to fight him in a boxing match.

They are compelled to take up the challenge in defense of Earth which will be destroyed if the y do not.

Of all the heroes recruited to defend each only the Thing was able to continue through the first two rounds without being disqualified.

The Thing fought on to the third round despite broken bones and being knocked from the ring by the Champion of the Universe.

The Champion declared that Thing was the first true worthy opponent that he had fought. No other competitor has ever made it past the second round.

As the Champion was about to kill or yield to Thing, he said that he could never win against him. He claimed that despite breaking his body, he could never defeat the Thing in spirit.

The Champion Vs Silver Surfer

When eleven Elders of the Universe decide to restart the Universe by destroying Galactus, the Champion was among them.

Following a plot by Nova to use Galactus to destroy the Kree Empire, The Champion of the Universe decides to stop Silver Surfer from interfering. He tries to kill Silver Surfer but the Silver Surfer defeats him.

The defeat by the Silver Surfer was the first time the Champion had ever lost in combat.

The Champion of the Universe then tried to kill Mantis but she was rescued by Silver Surfer.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer was able to convert the Champion of the Universe into energy and was consumed by Galactus along with four other elders.

This caused a “cosmic indigestion” within Galactus and the Elders were released by Lord Chaos and Master Order.

Once escaped from Galactus, the five elders used the Infinity Gems to transport them out of his reach. As a result, Champion of the Universe had possession of the power gem.

The Champion of the Universe Vs She Hulk

The Champion of the Universe found his way to the planet Skardon where the ruler of the planet is decided by victory in combat.

The Champion of the Universe Vs She Hulk

When the Champion defeats the most powerful opponents that the planet offered, he became the undisputed ruler of the Skard people.

As ruler of the planet, The Champion deliberately allowed the standards of living to become reduced. He declared that he would continue to oppress the people until he was defeated by a “worthy challenger”.

In response to this challenge, Adam Warlock attempted to defeat the Champion and used the Soul Gem to overpower the Champion. However, the attack was outside of the ring and not the hand-to-hand combat dictated in the rules. The defeat was therefore declared illegal.

When the Infinity Watch heard of Warlocks failed attempt to oust the tyrant, they called for help from powerful beings from throughout the Universe.

Gamora and Pip the Troll recruited a group of warriors including Drax the Destroyer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock.

After all the requested warriors fail to defeat the Champion of the Universe Pip sets out to recruit She Hulk and Gamora is nominated as personal trainer.

The first attempt of She Hulk nearly resulted in a defeat. However she appealed for another attempt at trial-by-combat.

She Hulk Defeats the Champion of the Universe

Gamora learned that the Champion was making use of the Power Gem which was forbidden in the rules of the combat. Therefore, Champion was required to face She Hulk without the Gem.

Thanks to Gamora’s advice, She Hulk trains for the fight in her human form, Jennifer Walters. Using this technique the transformation into She Hulk multiplied the improved human strength and skills.

With Champion of the Universe now fighting at his natural strength and She-Hulk improved due to her training, she was easily able to defeat the Champion.

The Champion took the new name of “The Fallen One” in disgrace of his defeat.

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