Gamora and Count Abyss

When Maya, the agent of Count Abyss was sent to stay with Gamora and the Infinity Watch on Monster Island, Gamora did not take to her. It was assumed that Gamora was simply jealous of Warlocks affection for Maya, but Gamora had sensed that Maya was part of a trap.

Gamora and Count Abyss in Warlock and the Infinity Watch by Marvel Comics

When Count Abysss abducted Maya and bright her back to his realm, Warlock was compelled to follow her due to the love potion Abyss had used to make Adam fall for Maya.

Who is Count Abysss?

Count Abysss is a powerful enemy of Adam Warlock who became aware of the Infinity Gems and sought to gain control of them.

Abyss was particularly interested in the Soul Gem which was in the possession of Adam Warlock.

Count Abyss in Warlock and the Infinity Watch

In a plot to gain the Soul Gem, Count Abysss sent a group of minions to Monster Island to overpower the Infinity Watch and retrieve the stone.

As the minions attacked, the powers of the Infinity Gems failed to deter them. It was only after Warlock realised that the attackers were created by a dead soul that he was able to find their weakness.

Adam used the Soul Gem to show the cold light of truth to the minions which resulted in them fleeing back to Abyss.

Count Abyss demanded that Warlock handed him the Soul Gem but Adam refused and Abyss promised that he would return to punish Warlock for his decision.

Abyss and the love potion

Having acquired a love potion from the Zalkor, Abyss convinced his servant Maya to take the potion to influence Warlock.

Maya agreed to visit Monster Island with the understanding that there was an antidote to the effects of the potion. Abyss, however, was aware that there was no cure for the spell.

Gamora, Maya and Warlock

Following a previous premonition caused by the Time Gem, Gamora had become suspicious of Maxam.

She had seen him cause the Death of Warlock in a dream which made it hard for her to accept him s part of the Infinity Watch.

When Maxam referred to Gamoras feelings towards Warlock as Puppy Love, she vented her fury towards him. When Gamora attacked Maxam, she was able to defeat him and nearly killed him but for Moondragon preventing it.

Although she was in a coma, Moondragon was able to use Drax and his power Gem to stop the fight.

This attack led to Adam falling out with Gamora displeased with her actions.

Gamora had become aware of the effect that Maya was having on Warlock and plotted to kill Maya to end it. Again Moondragon prevented Gamora from gutting Maya.

Warlock in Abyss’ Dimension

Count Abyss sent his minions again to attack monster Island and while the Infinity Watch was distracted, he abducted Maya back to his realm.

He knew that Warlock could not help himself from following Maya in a rescue attempt.

Within his own realm, Abysss was confident that his powers could defeat those of the Infinity Gems.

Warlock and the Infinity Watch entered the dimension of Count Abyss where they joined with Darklore and Meer’lyn to free Maya.

Hearing of the rescue attempt, Maya attempted suicide to prevent the death of Adam Warlock. Count Abyss stopped her from killing herself so that she would remain as bait for the Soul Stone.

With the help of Darklore, Warlock was able to banish Abyss through a portal to a dimension that Count Abysss had no power source to return from.

Darklore returned the minions of Abyss back to their former selves but the spell between Maya and Warlock could not be removed.

Gamora leaves the Watch

Unable to reveal her true feelings for Adam and hurt by his reaction to her attack on Maxam, Gamora and Warlock had an argument.

As a result Gamora quit the Infinity Watch and left the Time Gem behind on Monster Island. Adam then passed the Gem to Maxam.

Pip teleported Gamora to Earth where she contemplated joining Iron Man and the Force Works.

While Gamora was away, her prophesy about Maxam came to pass. Maxam used the Time Gem to access memories of his past which led him to attack Adam Warlock.

The vampire Rune was enabled to steal the infinity gems and return to the Ultraverse with them.

This led to Warlock joining Thanos to retrieve the Gems.

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