Gamora and Infinity Watch

The Infinity Watch begins as the Infinity Gauntlet ordeal comes to a conclusion. Adam Warlock finds himself in possession of the six infinity gems without the power to use them. As a result, the Infinity Watch is created and Gamora becomes guardian of the Time Gem.

Gamora and Infinity Watch
Gamora and Infinity Watch

The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity gauntlet is a story arc which begins with Thanos’ Quest for the Infinity Gems. The quest begins as a result of Thanos’s love for Mistress Death.

She is unhappy with the balance of the universe favouring life over death and Thanos becomes obsessed with finding a way to appease her desires.

The events of the Infinity gauntlet follow the Death of Gamora and her soul being led to reside in the Soulworld by Adam Warlock.

Gamora in Soulworld

Gamora lived peacefully within the Soul Gem for many years with Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll until they learned of the power gained by Thanos.

After obtaining the Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe, and the soul Gem from the In-Betweener, Thanos becomes the most powerful being in the Universe.

Warlock learns of the Thanos threat when Soulworld is visited by Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer.

Gamora is revived from the dead to join the Infinity Watch

Gamora and Pip are led out of Soulworld by Warlock and possess the bodies of recent car crash victims so that the can re enter the material existence. Gamora takes the body of Bambi Long who’s body begins to transform into that of Gamora.

During the events of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos plots to use the power of the infinity gems to bring death to half of the universe.

Gamora is erased from existence during the mass extinction event caused by Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Only when Nebula gains control of the Gauntlet does Gamora return. The Infiity Gems then fall into the hands of Adam Warlock.

Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is a powerful being as old as the Universe itself. It acts as a protector of the multiverse, preventing the imbalance of power to be controlled by one universe over the others.

In order to protect the cosmic balance the Living Tribunal will act to prevent overwhelming imbalances of power between universes or of an imbalance of good and evil within a universe.

When Adam Warlock gains control of the Infinity Gems, he becomes near omnipotent and is driven mad with power that he now possesses. This was too much power for one being to wield according to the cosmic laws.

Thanks to the Living Tribunal, Warlock was not permitted to use the infinity gems so he creates the Infinity Watch to guard these powerful stones. Warlock chooses from the most trusted people in the galaxy to help keep the Infinity Gems from the wrong hands.

Warlock divided the gems between five allies he thought he could trust:

  • Moondragon (Mind Gem)
  • Drax the Destroyer (Power Gem)
  • Gamora (Time Gem)
  • Pip (Space Gem)
  • Adam Warlock (Soul Gem)
  • Thanos (Reality Gem)

The Infinity Watch were tasked with safeguarding the individual gems.

Gamora was charged with protecting the Time Gem although she did not agree with his choices. She grudgingly agreed assuming he had a cosmic intelligence.

The individual members of the Infinity Watch all got captured by Man-Beast. This led to Warlock deciding that the individual members needed to remain together to work as a team.

Following their rescue by Warlock, The Infinity Watch were assembles and created a base on Monster Island, the territory of Mole Man.

The Time Gem

Gamora was given the Time Gem as her part in the Infinity Watch. While in possession of the Time Gem Gamora receives precognitive within her dreams but never gains full control of its power.

Gamora Attacking UN assault battalion

Her first experience when wearing the time Gem on her forehead was a premonition of the death of Warlock. The assassin was Maxam, someone who Gamora was yet to recognise but would later become a member of Infinity Watch.

During her time within the Infinity Watch Gamoras skills became most impressive. When she was able to reduce a UN assault battalion impotent, her danger level was upgraded by the UN from that of Spider Man to equal with Iron Man.

The Infinity War

During the Infinity War, Magus returns to threaten our Universe with a new power in the form of the Cosmic Cubes.

This threat to the galaxy forced Gamora, Warlock and the Infinity Watch to form an alliance with Thanos.

An energy beacon placed by Magus created a confrontation between various forces that were a threat to his plot.

The conflict drew in super powers from throughout the Galaxy which included Quasar, X men, Hulk, Avengers and Alpha Flight.

During the battle, Gamora fought many heroes from Earth including She Hulk, Cyclops, Rogue, Wolverine, Vindicator and the invisible Woman.

Gamora was eventually overcome with the number of enemies that overpowered her. As she became knocked unconscious, Galactus intervened in the battle, taking Gamora under his control.

Gamora and Adam Warlock

Following the Infinity War, Adam Warlock was held in a catatonic state and Gamora was left to take charge of the Infinity Watch.

Gamoras true feelings for Adam were eventually revealed. When Gamora’s love for Adam Warlock is not reciprocated they argue and Gamora leaved the Infinity watch leaving the Time Gem behind.

Gamora returns to work as a mercenary for some time until Warlock finds her again.

Warlock and Gmaora eventually begin a romantic relationship together and they go to live in a pocket dimension, the Heart of Darkness.

While living in the the Heart of Darkness, Adam and Gamora raise the cosmic child Atleza until she reached maturity.


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