The Infinity Crossover

The Infinity Crossover offered an epic batle that spanned the Marvel Universe. Thanos, the evil and powerful Titan makes a devastating return in Infinity. His return means that there is renewed war on Earth and in deep space as efforts are made to stop him.

Thanos in The Infinity Crossover

The battles against Thanos makes for epic action scenes. Even worse for the Avengers is that they have to fight against the Builders as well.

The Infinity Crossover builds an alliance of Avengers, the X Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, Inhumans and the Fantastic Four that join forces to take on Thanos.

Summary Of The Infinity Plot

Infinity is a comic book published by Marvel Comics between August 2013 and November 2013, and it was written by Jonathan Hickman. The artwork for Infinity was completed by a revolving team of artists, which included Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver as well as Jim Cheung.

Infinity is a part of the Marvel Now! series, in which the Avengers and the New Avengers take on a threat to the galaxy known as the Builders. These are an Ancient race of alien whose aim is to take over the entire universe.

The Avengers Take on The Builders in The Infinity Crossover

Then there are a series of ailments spreading across the universe after starting on Earth. The fight against the Builders and the ailments complicate Earth’s relationship with the rest of the universe.

Thanos decides to attack the Earth whilst most of the Avengers are away fighting the Builders as he believes the ones left behind will not be strong enough to stop him conquering the planet.

The story is the sequel to the Age of Ultron series and the impact of Thanos’ attack from the viewpoint of various Marvel characters.

Main Conflicts In Infinity

There are three main conflicts ongoing throughout the Infinity story, these conflicts intertwine with each other and that keeps you interested in events throughout the whole story.

  • The Avengers against the Builders

This was the conflict that had already begun at the start of Infinity. The majority of the Avengers are already fighting the Builders with their galactic allies, the Galactic Council including the Kree and the Spartoi races.

The Avengers in Infinity

The Builders are so powerful that the Avengers have to join forces with all the alien empires within the universe to have any hope of winning. The threat of the Builders meant forming an alliance with recent foes the Skrulls.

During the fighting the Avengers show the Galactic Council what they are capable of doing. Other comics are represented by Gladiator from X Men, Kree from Fantastic Four, and Spartoi is from Guardians of Galaxy

  • The Illuminati Group

The members of the Illuminati Group are Black Panther, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Namor, Dr Strange, Beast and Black Bolt. This group are tasked with stopping any attacks on the Earth whilst the rest of the Avengers are fighting the Builders.

Black Bolt, Black Panther and Iron Man have to lead the fight against Thanos and his forces. The Mad Titan sets his new generals, the Black Order or Cull Obisidian against Earth.

The main part of the storyline is spread across the Avengers and New Avengers series and were written by Hickman. There were more parts to the story told as Crossovers in other comics, and it was also included in the new Mighty Avengers.

It is during such times of danger that the greatest minds among the superheroes get together to find ways to avoid disaster and to win in the end.

  • The fight to stop Thanos

The third fight is against Thanos and his forces, who attack Earth to find and take back the infinity gems. The titan had assumed that it would be much easier to do so with most of the Avengers away.

Thanos and The Infinity Stones in the Infinity Crossover

The Builders presented Thanos with the chance he had been waiting for to attack Earth as he knew it now had weaker defensive cover. He had been watching the planet closely ever since the Illuminati had used the Infinity Gauntlet.

Besides the infinity gems, Thanos goes to Earth to track down any of his children who were already there. He kills all the offspring is able to locate. That information was provided in the Thanos Rising story.

Who Is Fighting Against Thanos

Thanos and his forces came to Earth and did not have the easy conquest that he would have expected. Against overwhelming odds the Illuminati held their own.

Wakhanda was successfully defended, the X Men were stopped by two of the Titan’s soldiers though it is not clear whether or not they had been defeated. The city of Atlantis had already been captured, while Namor lied to stay alive, with Mr Fantastic and Iron Man held the attackers back from the vantage point of Avengers Tower.

The Avengers Aid Black Bolt in Defeating Thanos in Infinity Crossover

It was not Dr Strange’s finest hour yet he survived, on the other hand Ebony Maw seemed to have a lot of superhero potential and should appear in later adventures.

Yet the star of the show, or at least of the fighting on Earth was the Black Bolt. He had already been hiding and protecting one of Thanos’ sons.

Furthermore, Black Bolt has been plotting to find ways to restore the Inhumans to their full fighting power. Achieving that aim would make it more difficult for Thanos to get what he wants from Earth.

When Thanos comes down to Earth to discuss his demands, it is with Black Bolt he holds talks with. Black Bolt does a great job of talking for the whole planet.

Thanos is Defeated in Infinity Crossover

What Thanos did not know was that Black Bolt and his brother Maximus the Mad had made preparations to deal with such a threat. At the core of the plan is the bomb that Maximus built, it is set off by the screams of Black Bolt.

Besides the explosives the bomb contained Terrigan Mist, which activates the full powers of the Inhumans and massively reinforces the number of defender Earth has. The mist also restores full power to Thanos’ son. It is a power that can rival his father’s.

This is a compelling story and it is intriguing to find out how Black Bolt does in stopping Thanos.

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