Gamora and the Infinity Crusade

During the Infinity Crusade Gamora becomes brainwashed by the powerful Goddess. Gamora joins the Goddess as one of her Holy Guard who are committed to defend Paradise Omega while the Godess plots an end to all life in the Universe.

The events of the Infinity Crusade occur after The Infinity Gauntlet and The Infinity War.

Gamora fighting Wolverine in the Infinity Crusade
Gamora fighting Wolverine in the Infinity Crusade

The Redemptress and The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg is created by The Goddess from 30 Cosmic Containment Units which she has gathered from myriad dimensions.

The Cosmic Egg is a powerful artifact which allows The Goddess to make real her every wish. After forging the Cosmic egg the Goddess emerges as The Redemptress.

The Goddess asks Gamora to join her
The Goddess asks Gamora to join her

The Redemptress gathers all superheroes with any religious belief or near death experience to follow her in a plan the remove evil from the universe.

The Cosmic Egg is used to create a planet called Paradise Omega which The Goddess uses as her base of operations.

The chosen heroes swore allegiance to Goddess and promised to protect her while she meditates within her Cosmic egg.

As Gamora had several near death experiences, she was one of the chosen. Brainwashed by the power of the Goddess, Gamora becomes one of the highest ranking of the Holy Guard sworn to defend Paradise Omega.

The Redemptress gathers superheroes to follow her
The Redemptress gathers superheroes to follow her

With Moondragon as leader of her forces, The Redemptress used her Cosmic Egg to try and create a group consciousness that would rid the universe of all evil.

The Goddess was soon discovered to be the Benevolent side of Adam Warlock which became manifest as Warlock held the Infinity Gauntlet at the same time that Magus emerged as his Evil side.

Mephisto Joins The Heroes

Adam Warlock teamed up with Thanos after Warlock saved Thanos from an attack by The Redemptress.

They were approached by Mephisto who agreed to offer them vital information that would help them defeat the Goddess in exchange for one of her Cosmic Containment Units.

Thanos was able to recruit the Silver Surfer away from the Holy Guard to aid the attack against The Redemptress. Silver Surfer changed allegiance from the Goddess after he realised that he was being manipulated by her.

Using the power absorbed from the sun, Silver Surfer was able to break through the defenses of Paradise Omega by traveling at incredible speeds into the planet.

The Sun energy consumed was so powerful that he was unable to control his trajectory until he was helped by Drax and the Hulk.

The Heroes Enter Paradise Omega

This allowed the heroes of Earth to advance into the Goddess’ Base and attack the Holy Guard including Thor, Moondragon and Gamora.

Gamora defeating Rage
Gamora defeating Rage

Thor managed to thwart the invasion by destroying their spaceships which meant that they had to arrive in escape pods.

The brainwashed followers of The Redemptress fought the attacking force which almost resulted in the deaths of several of Earths non-converted heroes.

Gamora Knocks The Thing Unconscious
Gamora Knocks The Thing Unconscious

Gamora Gets Stabbed

While defending Paradise Omega, Gamora fought many of Earths super heroes who she was able to defeat. Gamora was easily able to overpower the Thing, Night Thrasher and Rage during the conflict.

Gamora takes on Wolverine
Gamora takes on Wolverine

During the battle, Wolverine managed to pierce Gamora in the stomach with his claws. However, Gamora was able to recover due to her accelerated healing abilities.

Gamora Stabbed by Wolverines Claws
Gamora Stabbed by Wolverines Claws

Thanos decided to attack the Goddess by enhancing his psychic powers by combining them with the mental abilities of the comatose Professor X. It was then that the Goddess launched her planned attack on all the evil in the cosmos.

The attack on purifying evil was essentially an annihilation of all sentient life as no life can exist without the balance of good and evil.

The power of The Goddess flows throughout the whole universe and every dimension of the multiverse. The power is so strong that it effects a universe where someone reading the same issue of Infinity Crusade that the story is depicted is engulfed in flames.

Despite the apparent destruction created by the Goddess, we discover that Warlock created the illusion of the death of all existence just before it would have occurred.

Gamoras Healing Factor
Gamoras Healing Factor

Distracted from her objective by this illusion, The Redemptress is overpowered by Thanos, Warlock and Professor X now recovered from his comatose.

Working together, Thanos, Warlock and Professor X transfer the soul of Goddess into the Soul Gem.

Thanos remains to destroy Paradise Omega and the Cosmic Egg after transporting the heroes back to Earth.

An Argument between Gamora and She Hulk as the Infinity Crusade is concluded
An Argument between Gamora and She Hulk

As payment for the help of Mephisto, Thanos offers him a Cosmic Containment Unit acquired during the destruction of the Cosmic Egg.

This final payment of the Cosmic Containment Unit is in fact a forgery that Thanos gives Mephisto.


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