The Dark Knight Joker Statue from Diamond Select

Based on Heath Ledger as The Joker in the The Dark Knight, this statue captures his portrayal perfectly.

The Dark Knight Joker Statue from Diamond Select
The Dark Knight Joker Statue from Diamond Select

If you loved the Dark Knight movie and want to collect the characters to display in your home, this PVC Joker, is a great low cost option.

You can also buy the Batman statue and Bane from the other movies in the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

Either stood alone or as part of a Dark Knight statue collection, this Heath Ledger statue makes a big impression.

First thing I noticed is the great Purple’s. The face sculpt is really quite really quite well done the paint looks really good… I like the pose here really unique it’s got some nice elements from the bank robber scene right here which is really cool… It’s got the Joker mask that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Statue incorporate the mask into it I think that’s really really impressive.

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Diamond Select has done such a fantastic job with some of the pieces. Now this is one of the ones that I’ve been really impressed with.. All of it is sculpted really really nicely… It a lot of detail sculpted in.. Overall this is just a great piece and I think they did a pretty decent job getting the likeness of Heath Heath Ledger as the Joker.


If you’re shopping on a budget this is gonna be right up your alley … If you want a nice representation of Heath Ledger’s Joker in statue form for an affordable price, overall , I think it’s a pretty good-looking piece.

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This fantastic Joker statue is available at an affordable price along with the Batman and Bane models.

Follow the link below to get you Heath Ledger Joker statue today. Buy this statue from these retailers:

Heath Ledger PVC Joker Statue

One of the most impressive performances as The Joker, Heath Ledger brought this iconic comic book villain to life in the epic Dark Knight trilogy.

The statue shows Heath Ledger holding up a deck of playing cards whilst stood on a money bag.

The Joker has the clown mask in his hand that he wears in the opening bank robbery scene of the movie and is stood among debris and money from the heist.

We see the Joker in a purlpe suit with green waist coat and amazing attention to detail.

We think you will agree that this Diamond Select Dark Knight Joker statue is the perfect addition to any DC statue collection.

You can buy this statue by following the links below and comparing the prices.

If love the Joker or collect Batman and DC statues, check out out our full guide to the Best Joker Statues and Busts.

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