Guardians of the Galaxy 4: Realm of Kings

During the War of Kings, a massive eruption apparently killed Black Bolt and Vulcan. Realm of Kings shows the aftermath of this event and how it effects The Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Thanos Returns in Guardians of the Galaxy 4: Realm of Kings

Guardians of the Galaxy #20-25

Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Artist: Brad Walker

The eruption in War of Kings ripped a massive opening In the fabric of time and space, in the process making what becomes known as “the Fault”.

It is up to The Guardians of The Galaxy to try and save the present, the past and the future of the Cosmos. They are up against impossible odds during their quest to undo a rip in the Universe.

It is however likely that despite their efforts and sacrifices, the cosmos is a more dangerous place than before.

Gamora in Guardians of The Galaxy: Realm Of Kings

Time has come to finally shake up the line up once more in the most enjoyable team book from marvels…an enormous amount of action accompanied by humour and character development.

Guardian of the Galaxy 4: Realm of Kings, authored by Dan Abnett and Canning is part the Marvel events series Realm of Kings. It follows on from the War of Kings.

What Is The Plot Of Realm Of Kings?

Black Bolt and Vulcan disappear following the end of the War of kings, they are replaced with rapture in the fabric of time and space.

The Guardians have become more embedded in the body of the war’s politics and will have a direct impact on how the war turns out in its aftermath.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Realm Of Kings

Black Bolt’s bomb has created a large time-space tear known as the Fault which kills both him and the leader of Shi’ar, Vulcan.

The fault turns out to be an immediate concern for Nova Corps and The Guardians. This collection story is divided into two shorter stories.

The first story is about Moondragon coming in terms with the death of Phyla. There is also a surprise pregnancy that came as a result of a creature from the newly formed rip in space known as the Fault.

The second story is about Magu’s death and how he covered it. It also displays Mad Titan Thanos’ return. The return of Thanos greatly impacts the whole space saga altering the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What Are The Guardians Of The Galaxy Up Against?

Wendel Vaughn, who is the first Quasar is sent by the Guardians of the Galaxy to the fault in order to cast about it as he would be able to survive its dangerous storms owing to his form of energy.

Wendell finds out soon that the fault is an underground passage headed to another world full of corruption, administered by evil organic multitude consuming their world like a plague.

Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy: Realm Of Kings

The universe is outlined as a Cancerverse, and “life has won, death has lost”. Quasar is captured by Avengers from that universe known as the “Revengers”, they plan on imposing their universe on his, enabling their gods and many Angles to continue spreading.

Moon dragon is then impregnated with a nasty life form from the Cancerverse. She becomes bound to the Luminals member who wants to avenge for the murder of her teammate by the life form and the kidnapping of Church of Universal Truth members who views it as their god’s rebirth.

This is only the first half of the book, the second one starts by opening up on the events that ended the last volume, they were bait and switch tactic owing to the fact that it rewinds the needless slaughter.

The political and physical consequences of the War of Kings make up the Realm of kings and believe it or not, the shock waves will be major in many respects.

The war of kings has a great ending and it alters both the power structures of the Marvel universe and it predicaments the geography also/ the changes are long term and they will affect the post-war of kings universe for quite a while.

These immediate changes are reflected by the two one-shots; political fallout is handled by the initial one and the “geographical “ is handled by the second.

Why Is It An Essential Guardians Of The Galaxy Story?

The action-filled issues are a great introduction to the storyline about the Cancerverse and still is able to be read as a stand-alone story.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning did a tremendous job telling a smaller Guardians of The Galaxy story in a larger one.

Realm of kings is somehow a deviation in the Marvel universe space, one on one with the war of kings, the Realm of King’s story indicate a transition period in the Marvel universe landscape.

The Guardians of the Galaxy and all your other favourite titles deal with the unceremonious ending to the war of kings.

Throughout the Realm of Kings, there’s a clear sense that everything is pilling up to something significant.

Drax and Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy: Realm Of Kings

However, you shouldn’t worry, the realm of kings is not just a filler. Actually, the stories proceed to push the extraterrestrial narrative curve for a good course, and tremendously bringing us to the major showdown that I can’t disclose here to avoid spoilers.

You don’t want to miss out on the wrapping up of these exceptional series.

Brad Walker and Wes Craig handle art, the two have noticeably unique styles from each other.

The series is successful in telling compelling stories of the fault and the case while making way for “The Thanos Imperative”. However, there is a lot of continuity for most new readers to take in.

If you have enjoyed the ride so far, hold on, the ride is going to get wilder. If you who haven’t given Guardians of The Galaxy a try yet, we recommend Realm of Kings as a great place to start.

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