LEGO Disney Castle LED Lighting Kit

Light up your LEGO Disney Castle 71040 with this specially designed LED lighting kit.

LEGO Disney Castle LED Lighting Kit

When Lego released the iconic 4080 Piece Disney castle, fans went wild for it.

Kids and adults brought up on the world of Disney could finally build and play within the Cinderella Castle from the famous Walt Disney World.

Check out this video by Brick Loot to see how magical your Lego Disney Castle can look.

You and your kids have spend hours building this impressive castle. But the fun does not stop there.

Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, in the Lit up Lego Disney Castle

If you have built the magical LEGO Disney Castle 71040 and want to show it off to your friends and family, you can add an extra sparkle to your display.

With these custom designed LED lights from Brick Loot, you can illuminate your Lego Disney castle to show off all of the amazing detail.

Lego Cinderella Castle LED Lights

Light up the bricks to bring your Lego Cinderella Castle to life in the day or at night.

These multi coloured LED lights are perfectly incorporated into the 71040 LEGO Disney Castle to produce a wonderful effect that brings the magic of Disney into your home.

71040 LEGO Disney Castle Illumination

Light up your Lego Disney Castle here.

Follow the link below to get your LEGO Disney Castle LED Lighting Kit

LED Lighting kit for LEGO Disney Castle 71040

The highlight of any Disney trip is seeing the Cinderella’s Castle illuminated at night.

LED Lighting kit for LEGO Disney Castle 71040

Now you can install this handmade light kit with 105 multi-colored LEDs, into your LEGO Disney Castle 71040.

Your LEGO Disney Castle will magically transform before your eyes and will remind you of the real thing!

105 multi-colored LEDs

This custom light kit contains:

  • 2 RGB (red, green, blue) LED spotlights to highlight the exterior of the castle
  • Lights for the exterior lanterns and clock
  • Interior lights for every room in the 4-story main building
  • Illumination of the 5-story golden-spired main tower
  • LEDs to light up the ornate chandelier on the main floor

Your LEGO Disney Castle will glow on the outside and your Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and Tinkerbell minifigures can play for hours in the lighted rooms!

Brick Loot LED Kit for Lego Disney Castle

Installing and powering your light kit: It is fun and easy with our plug and play design!

  • 71040 LEGO set not included
  • Brick Loot light strings easily connect to the USB with mini plugs – the latest technology that makes it even easier to light up your creation!
  • This Brick Loot LED Kit is low voltage and uses 6 USB plugs to illuminate your LEGO Disney Castle set.
  • To power your kit, simply insert the USB plug into any 1, 2, or 2.4 amp USB-powered 5V power supply or USB battery bank.
  • You may use a USB hub or switch to expand the number of USB ports. Please remember there is a maximum of 50 LEDs per 1 amp port.
  • Simple plug and play instructions with detailed installation photos are available on the Brick Loot website.

Follow the link below to get your LEGO Disney Castle LED Lighting Kit

Where to Buy the Lego Disney Castle

You can view and buy this magical Cinderella Castle on the LEGO website and Earn VIP Points.

Buy the Lego Disney Castle 71040

Why buy from the Lego Website?

When you buy this Disney Castle Lego set from you get VIP points.

This LEGO 71040 set will give you 2400 VIP points.

Lego VIP points give you discounts to shop in Lego Brand stores and on the website.

Set TitleThe Disney Castle
BrandsLEGO, Disney
VIP Points2400 VIP Points when you buy from LEGO.COM
Playset Size 29” (74cm) high, 18.8” (48cm) wide and 12” (31cm) deep
Age16 Years +

When you open a Lego VIP account, you can:

  • Earn VIP points for shopping in LEGO Brand Retail Stores and at
  • Receive monthly promotions and specials for VIPs
  • Unlock members-only discounts and experiences
  • Get Early Access to Exclusive sets
  • Enjoy members-only gifts and more

Follow the link below to buy on the Lego website and earn VIP points.

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