The Panda Nursery – Minecraft LEGO 21158

The Panda Nursery offers hours of fun for Lego Minecraft fans aged 7 and up. Join mother panda, baby panda Minifigure Alex and a cute Lego Ocelot cub.

The Panda Nursery - Minecraft LEGO 21158

Mom and baby panda Minecraft characters sit, stand and move their heads. An ocelot has come to visit, there’s bamboo to eat and Alex has brought a pie to share!

Do you know a Minecraft player who would love to care for the cute panda figures they see in the Minecraft computer game?

I gotta say I think that this could go down as the cutest Lego Minecraft set of all time and these pandas are just adorable

Ashnflash – Expert Lego Set Reviewer

Well, now they can! The LEGO 21158 Minecraft The Panda Nursery toy building set brings these adventures to life, giving kids an authentic, hands-on Minecraft play experience in the real world.

Minecraft Lego Minifigure Alex Mom Panda Baby Panda and cub

Kids create their own Minecraft stories with a LEGO building set! Children can continue their online Minecraft adventures in a physical environment.

They can look after and entertain the baby panda, prepare the nursery building and rooftop bed where the playful cub sleeps, and provide food for everyone.

Cute LEGO Minecraft pandas

There’s lots of bamboo for the pandas to nibble on and Alex is here with a delicious-looking toy cake!

Cute pandas make LEGO Minecraft even more magical! Best of all for adults, they make a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids.

Details of LEGO cub and minifugure Alex in the Minecraft set 21158

LEGO Minecraft sets put open-ended independent play in kids’ hands. And, with the posable, adorable pandas – they’ll never want to put it down!

The Panda Nursery LEGO Set

The LEGO 21158 Minecraft The Panda Nursery includes 204 pieces. Ages 7 and up.

LEGO 21158 Minecraft The Panda Nursery Box

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Instructions for The Panda Nursery

If you need to download the instruction manual for building LEGO 21158 Minecraft The Panda Nursery, follow the link below.

LEGO 21158 Instructions

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