The Taiga Adventure – Minecraft LEGO 21162

The Taiga Adventure features the Minecraft Steve Minifigure as he battles an armed Skeleton attacking his campsite. Other characters included in this Minecraft LEGO set include block-built Wolf and Fox.

The Taiga Adventure - Minecraft LEGO 21162
Key Features
Set TitleThe Taiga Adventure
Set FeaturesSkeleton with bow and arrow, Wolf, Fox, Campfire and TNT
MinifiguresMinecraft Steve Minifigure with Golden Sword
Set Pieces74
Recommended Age7 Years +
BrandsLEGO, Minecraft
VIP Points72 VIP Points when you buy from LEGO.COM
Playset Size 3” (9cm) long, 3” (9cm) wide and 1” (3cm) high
Weight kg0.200

There’s some interesting pieces here that really sell it for the $10 price… I do like that you could integrate the build with other Minecraft sets which is just a pro that all of these LEGO Minecraft sets have in general… As somebody who doesn’t get the more expensive ones I’m glad they included stuff like the Fox and the wolf here for such a cheap price.

Just2good – Lego Review Expert

With LEGO Minecraft features and figures for players to build, modify and enjoy, this fun-packed LEGO set encourages kids to step away from the computer and bring Minecraft action into the real world!

With Steve and his golden sword, Skeleton with a bow and Fox and Wolf figures, plus berry bushes for food, a campfire for heat and TNT to blast for ore, this toy playset is bursting with independent play possibilities!

The Taiga Adventure features a Skeleton with bow and arrow, Wolf, Fox, Campfire and TNT.

Kids build their own adventures with 4 favorite Minecraft characters! Unleash kids’ creativity with Minecraft’s Steve, Skeleton, Wolf, and Fox figure.

Interactive Minecraft LEGO TNT block feature

There are snow-capped mountains to climb, red berries to eat and a roaring campfire to keep warm while kids blast for precious ore in the freezing Taiga region.

But action and adventures soon interfere with the plans! Take Minecraft players to a whole new dimension of hands-on play!

LEGO Minecraft sets put open-ended independent play in kids’ hands.

Minecraft Steve Minifigure with golden sword. 
Skeleton with bow and arrow, Wolf, Fox, Campfire and TNT

And with authentic Minecraft biomes and popular action figures, they’ll never want to put the toy down! The LEGO 21162 Minecraft The Taiga Adventure includes 74 pieces. Ages 7 and up.

Kids create and play in their own Minecraft environment; rearrange, rebuild and reimagine it for new adventures, and combine it with other LEGO sets to extend the fun.

LEGO 21162 Minecraft The Taiga Adventure Box

This versatile playset is an ideal toy for boys and girls seeking new ways to play Minecraft. A great Christmas, birthday or any-other-day gift for Minecraft players – and budding builders – aged 7 and up.

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Download Instructions for LEGO 21162

If you need to download the building instructions for LEGO 21162 Minecraft set, The Taiga Adventure, follow the link below.

LEGO 21162 building instructions.

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