Who Could Make Iron Man Armour?

You may not believe it, but advances in technology have made it possible to create many of the features in Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

We ask the question: Who could make iron man armour in real life with modern technology?

Creating Tony Stark’s Armour

Tony Stark is known for his Iron Man suit which is composed of many advanced technologies in one unit.

Scientists have begun developing powerful exoskeleton suits which can significantly improve the strength of the wearer.

The U.S Army has two companies working on a usable prototypes, while researchers in Japan, are also manufacturing a version of the exoskeleton.

Who Is Developing Iron Man Exoskeletons?

There are currently a number of labs and companies seeking to develop an Iron Man exoskeleton. Although these suits will not create a superhero, they will be able to improve the strength of whoever is wearing it.

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has been developing a number of exoskeletons within their Robotics & Human Engineering Laboratory.

The focus of their accessible exoskeletons is to improve the lives of people with mobility disorders rather than crime fighting.

Another suit under development is the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC). The HULC uses technology from their ExoHiker and ExoClimber to enable the wearer to lift up to 200 lbs.


The XOS 2 Exoskelton developed by Raytheon uses high pressure hydraulics to enable anyone wearing it to lift objects of a ratio 17:1.

Developed with a soldier in mind, the XOS 2 is designed to improve endurance, agility and strength.

What would the real Iron Man suit be made from?

The suit is light enough to wear and allow Iron Man to fly. The suit can also be repaired after it has been damaged.

The exoskeleton of the Iron Man Suit would most likely be made of Nitinol which is a combination of nickel and titanium.

Nitinol is a real metal that is flexible, strong, and stable. It can also recover from being damaged.

In the movies, Iron Man’s suit undergoes extreme pressure and sustains heavy damage. It is amazing that the suit is able to protect him from serious harm.

It is possible to insert strong cushions in the suit. The cushions could be made from carbon nanotubes. These are tiny pipes that are about a billionth of a meter in width.

Carbon nanotubes are strong and springy which allows Tony Stark’s bones in the body to be protected during battle.

Iron Man’s Helmet

Looking at the suit the helmet is the most scientifically possible. It may be created in the near future. The helmet is able to control the entire suit.

Bin He, the head of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota was able to develop a helmet that operated in a similar manner to the one worn by Iron Man.

The helmet is operated by neuron electrical currents. These currents are able to create an electrical as well as a magnetic field that is detached by what is known as EEG.

While EEG has been studied for around a hundred years recent technology allows then neurons to work with it. These neutrons can help with specific motor tasks in the body and the suit.

He has been looking at the firing patterns. To do this he studied a man looking at images on a computer screen and if he is able to move the mouse from left to right only with his mental ability. Once the frequencies in the brain were amplified this task was able to be completed.

While the helmet is not being used for fighting purposes it can help those that are paralyzed communicate with others and allow them to have more independence.

AI And The Interactive Screen

There is a lot going on during the screen control on the Iron Man suit.

There are sensors and cameras that need to be included in the screen. They will be able to detect emotions, recognized voice commands, track movements, monitor heart rate, and keep track of eye movements.

New technology is closer to doing this as featured in the Iron Man suit.

Google glasses and other smart glasses have a similar function and has been able to display some of this information.

Artificial Intelligence is needed to display this data. AI is able to show this information and is able to use Machine Learning.

AI has advanced in the past couple of years and is able to show a great deal of information.

AI can be used in the suit to transmit data and a private network is needed to make sure there are no errors in this information.

Mind Control Technology

Brain control technology such as that featured in Iron Man 3 is not as far off as many people would think.

The brain-controlled Mark 42 suit is able to connect to the nervous system and can even be used to control artificial limbs.

There has been an extensive study about the neural patterns that are in the brain and how they would be able to control artificial limbs as well as a suit made from metal.

There are over 100 billion neurons in the brain and there are 100 trillion synaptic connections within the body. This information will need to be able to connect with the suit.

Currently, the most advanced technology is able to work with a 500 cell sample of the neurons found in the body and they can use an electrode implant

We are still researching the technology that is needed to match that in the Iron Man suit.

Currently, in order to control the suit, there will need to be electrodes that will need to be implanted within the human body.

The Arc Reactor

This is what is responsible for the power in the Iron Man suit. In the movie, this is what is in Stark’s chest. They are slowly poisoning him with the palladium which may be toxic in real life.

It may seem odd that this metal can be used in the skin but is able to use cold fusion to operate the body.

There have also been experiments with nuclear fusion and heating it close to room temperature in order to find a new course of energy.

There are many scientists that are studying cold fusion including researchers at the U.S Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems. Researchers are getting closer to using cold fusion.


In real life, Stark would die from the palladium. He was able to create an arc reactor. This will use vibranium which is used to absorb energy and is found in many Marvel comics. It is also found in the shield that Captain America uses.

Scientists are looking to create a similar element. They are working on element 117 which is currently known as ununseptium.

This element is different from the vibranium. It is unstable so far and only has six atoms.

Scientists are still looking to add stability to this element do it will not break down and will be able to be used in the same ways as the fiction element.

Fictional vibranium was made with cyclotrons and accelerators that are able to smash the atoms together and this will be able to create a heavier element.

Scientists are not looking to manufacture cyclotrons but they are looking to make an element that will be safe and protect the user from radiation.

We asked Who could make iron man armour in real life? We discovered that many of the technologies used in the Iron Man armour are being developed by scientists today.

We just need a real life Tony Stark to put it all togther in a wearable suit.

If you want to build your own Iron Man suit, then you can follow the link below to get the blueprints for creating your own fibreglass armour.


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