Thanos Chronological Appearances in Marvel Comics

It has been a hard job, but the team at Geek Hut have located the full list of Thanos chronological appearances in Marvel Comics.

Following the success of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, fans have been looking to find out more about the history of Thanos.

If you were impressed by the power of Thanos in the MCU movies then you can discover the rich history of this powerful Marvel villain as he appeared in the comics.

The collecting, reviewing and publishing of each Thanos appearance is an ongoing project. We are starting from the beginning and working through each comic that features Thanos.

You can find the video list here or follow the links below to each comic book story.

A Comic Book History of Thanos

We have collected together a guide to review every appearance of the Mad Titan within the Marvel comic universe.

This list spans 1972 – 2014 and collects together 282 Marvel comics which features the infamous supervillain.

Thanos Chronological Appearances in Marvel Comics: Thanos in Captain Marvel #31

Spanning epic sagas such as Infinity War, Annihilation and the Secret Wars, Thanos has been one of the major players in the Marvel Universe.

Thanos And The Cosmic Cube

Iron Man V1 #55

Beware the Bloood Brothers: First Appearance of Thanos in Marvel Comics


Iron Man V1 #55 : “Beware the Bloood Brothers” was the first appearance of Thanos in the marvel comics. It was published in February 1973. This issue also introduces the first appearance of Drax the Destroyer.

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Captain Marvel V1 #25

A Taste of Madness

Captain Marvel V1 #25 “A Taste of Madness” offers the next glimpse of Thanos in the Marvel comics universe. Published in March 1973, The story is written by Mike Fredrich with art by Jim Starlin.

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Captain Marvel V1 #26


We continue our run through of every Marvel comic appearance of Thanos. Captain Marvel v1 #26 “Betrayal!” was published in May 1973. The story is written by Mike Freiedrich with Jim Starlin who also produced the artwork.

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Captain Marvel v1 #27

Trapped on Titan

Captain Marvel v1 #27 “Trapped on Titan!” was published in July 1973. It was written by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin with art also by Mr Starlin.


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Captain Marvel v1 #28

When Titans Collide

Captain Marvel v1 #28 “When Titans Collide”, Written by Jim Starlin and Mike Frerich was Published in September 1973.

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Captain Marvel v1 #29


Captain Marvel v1 #29 was published in November 1973 with story and art by Jim Starlin. In this issue we learn the origin story of Mentor and of the planet Titan.

Daredevil And The Black Widow #105

Menace from the Moons of Saturn

An important issue for discovering the origin of Moondragon, this comic gives only a short glimpse of Thanos as part of the backstory of Moondragon.

Marvel Feature #12 : The Thing and Iron Man

The Bite of the Blood Brothers

Marvel Feature #12 from November 1973 teams up The Thing with Iron Man as they encounter two of Thanos’ thugs. In “The Bite of the Blood Brothers” Iron Man encounters the return of these galactic vampires. Featuring art by Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott with the story by Mike Friedrich.

Avengers V1 #118

To The Death!

Thanos does appear briefly in this issue, but so briefly that you may be forgiven for missing him completely. To The Death! from December 1973 is written by Steve Engleheart with art by BoB Brown, M. Esposito & F. Giacoia. Other notable appearances in this issue are Dormammu and Loki.

Avengers V1 #118

..To Be Free From Control

“..To Be Free From Control” was published in January 1974 with the story by Jim Starlin featuring art by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom. Captain Marvel cathces up with The Controller who has taken Lou Anne under his power as part of Thanos’ evil scheme.

Captain Marvel v1 #29

Daredevil #105

Marvel Feature #12 The Thing and Iron Man

Avengers V1 #118

Captain Marvel v1 #30

Daredevil #107

Captain Marvel v1 #31

Captain Marvel v1 #32

Captain Marvel v1 #32

Captain Marvel v1 #33

Avengers v1 125

Thanos Begins His Quest for the Soul Gems

Warlock v1 09

Warlock v1 10

Warlock v1 11

Warlock v1 15

Avengers v1 Annual 007

Marvel Two-in-One Annual 002

Logan’s Run 06

Spidey Super Stories #39

The Death of Captain Marvel

Silver Surfer v3 #034

Silver Surfer v3 #035

Silver Surfer v3 #036

Silver Surfer v3 #037

Silver Surfer v3 #038

Silver Surfer v3 #040

Thanos Quest

The storyline is a continuation of events involving resurrected Starlin-character Thanos, featured in the title Silver Surfer.

The storyline leads directly into three consecutive limited series, The Infinity Gauntlet, The Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade.

Thanos Quest # 1

Thanos Quest # 2

Rebirth Of Thanos

Silver Surfer v3 #044

Silver Surfer v3 #045

Silver Surfer v3 #046

Silver Surfer v3 #047

Cloak and Dagger v3 018

Silver Surfer v3 #048

Silver Surfer v3 #049

Silver Surfer v3 #050

Quasar #24

Infinity Gauntlet