Propel Star Wars Tie-Fighter Drone

This RC Propel Star Wars Tie-Fighter drone allows you to hone your flying skills as you do laser battle with other Star Wars drones.

Star Wars Battle Tie-Fighter Drone
Star Wars Battle Quadcopter Tie-Fighter Drone

Become the star fighter in your own Star Wars drone battle with this Tie-Fighter quadcopter.

Do Battle With This Propel Star Wars Drone

Have you always wanted to fly a Star Wars Tie Fighter? This Propel Star Wars drone is the closest that you will get to a laser battle in space.

You can create impressive laser battles with your friends. These battle drones can fight against up to 12 other drones in a laser war.

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  1. Michael Bollinger says:

    I have right at 50 packs of the Propel charge cable/replacement propellers kits. One cable and four propellers in each package. I have no use for them currently if there would be someone interested. The part number is PL-1390-FP.

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