Galactus fist appeared in Fantastic Four #48 1966 as The Devourer of Worlds. Galactus is a cosmic entity who is destined to consume planets to sustain his life force.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby designed Galactus as a god-like figure who feeds by draining living planets of their energy. Galactus operates without regard to the morality and judgments of mortal beings.

Galactus from Marvel Comics
Galactus from Marvel Comics

Galactus Biography

Galactus is the only survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. This makes him one of the most feared beings in the world.

He is billions of years old and was born on the planet Taa, as a humanoid named Galan.

This planet was the center of social and scientific achievement but this universe was coming to an end. The ‘Big Crunch’ caused the universe to collapse into a ‘Cosmic Egg’ which was made entirely of disorganized and primordial matter.

Galan had become a space explorer and discovered that the planet of Taa was threatened by a radiation-plague. Nobody believed him at first but it soon became apparent that he was right when people began to die on the surrounding planets.

Scientists on Taa worked hard to find a cure but they had no success and soon people on Taa also started dying.

Galan did not want to wait around to be killed in this manner so he and the others decided to die in a glorious manner by flying directly into the cosmic cauldron.

Everyone else was killed instantly by the radiation, but the Phoenix Force of the universe which was dying saved Galan and brought him into the Egg.

Rebirth as Galactus

The embodiment of the Sixth Infinity, the Sentience of the Multiverse, approached Galan when it looked inevitable that the cosmos was coming to the end.

The Sentience merged with Galan to become a new entity that would survive when the multiverse renewed. This entity became known as Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.

The Watcher considered destroying Galactus because he could see the threat that he posed to the cosmos.

This was a good opportunity to do so because his metamorphic state made him vulnerable. However, the Watchers had taken an oath of non-interference and so he allowed Galactus to leave on the starship.

Galactus had limitless power and strength but he needed to be able to regulate his eternal energy.

He created a suit of armor which allowed him to do this. He made the starship into an incubator where he could evolve into the form he takes today. This was a process that took thousands of years.

For thousands of years after this he constructed a world-ship which he made into his home. He named the ship Taa II and the Archeopian solar system is engulfed by this ship.

Archeopia was the first planet that he consumed. At the beginning he tried to avoid consuming planets that were inhabited by sentient lifeforms and Archeopia was the only exception to this. He could also go for centuries without having to feed.

However, this did not last and the need to feed became more frequent. He also found that he needed to consume worlds where sentient lifeforms existed more often to provide him with the energy that was required to sustain himself.

When he became determined to consume Earth, the Surfer rebelled against him. His plan was eventually stopped by the Fantastic Four after Reed Richards threatened to use the Ultimate Nullifier on him.

This weapon had the potential to destroy the whole universe and would also kill Galactus. He spared Earth but created an energy barrier that meant the Surfer was unable to leave the planet.

Powers And Abilities

Cosmic Entity – He is one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel Universise because he has the Power Cosmic. His powers are limitless and this makes them godlike.

He was able to fight off four Mad Celestials and even destroyed one of them. However, he was defeated when the remainder of them fused together to form a Voltron Celestial.


He is considered to be an ageless being as he is almost certainly the oldest entity that is still alive.

God-level Strength

His strength is almost limitless and this has been displayed on many occasions.

God-level Stamina

He is able to take part in battles and other activities that require strenuous physical action for an undefined period.

God-level Speed

He can fly at speeds that are greater than the speed of light.


He does not get sick because he is immune to all diseases and he is able to withstand a great deal of damage.

Energy Discharges

He can project energy blasts that are devastating. Even when he is weak these discharges are capable of destroying whole solar systems.

Cosmic Genius

He is the oldest living entity in the universe and has one of the most advanced minds. The scientific knowledge he has is beyond what humans can understand.


Cosmic Hunger

His life can only be sustained by energy from certain types of planets. It does not matter if life is present, as long as the potential to support life is there.

He is most powerful directly after he has consumed one of these planets. His cosmic awareness along with his strength and power start to decrease if he goes too long without feeding.

Galactus is one of the top Marvel villains listed in our page of comics fans favourites.

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