Apocalypse, also known as En Sabah Nur, is a fictional Marvel Comics supervillain. He is one of the world’s first mutants.

Apocalypse from X Men
Apocalypse from X Men Marvel Comics

Apocalypse was one of the main foes of the original X-Factor team. He has also clashed with the X-Men and other mutant teams.

He first appeared in X-Factor issue number 5 (May 1986) and was created by artist Jackson Guice and writer Louise Simonson.

Apocalypse has appeared in many Marvel titles since his debut, including various limited series and spin-offs.

The character has also been portrayed in other media. Actor Oscar Isaac played the role of Apocalypse in the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse.

Marvel Villain Biographies: Apocalypse from X-Men.

The character was born in the fictional country of Aqaba thousands of years ago. He may have been the first living being to display traits of the mutant X-gene.

The people of his nation abandoned Apocalypse because of his blue lips and grey skin. He was later discovered Baal of the Sandstormers.

Baal chose to rescue the child after witnessing his survival instincts and his power potential. He named the youth El Sabah Nur, which Marvel translated as “The First One.”

The Sandstormers felt that the people who were strong enough to endure physical conflicts and suffering deserved to live. They adhered to the motto “survival of the fittest.”

Rise of Apocalypse

When the time traveler Kang the Conqueror arrived in Egypt he sent an army led by General Ozymandias to crush the Sandstormers.

While escaping Ozymandias, En Sabah Nur and Baal fled to a cave where Baal uncovered advanced alien technology left by the Celestials.

During the attack Baal and En Sabah Nur were injured. Baal soon died of his wounds.

En Sabah Nur later entered Rama Tut’s city planning to seek revenge on the Pharoah disguised as a slave.

Ozymandias’s sister Nephri later became romantically attracted to the young man that she thought was a slave. Once she discovered his true appearance, she rejected En Sabah Nur and asked her brother to protect her.

The young mutant’s powers started to surface as a result of his heartbreak. He later renamed himself Apocalypse as he embarked upon an angry rampage.

Rama Tut fled his home country following the attack. Apocalypse later employed the Celestial technology to turn his former foe Ozymandias into a blind slave with the ability to see into the future.

Apocalypse later found that his body would no longer age the years passed.

We learn in one of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. series that Apocalypse allied with the Shield Brotherhood to defeat a platoon of Brood invaders some time during the days of Ancient Egypt.

Other participants in the battle included a man that was either Khonshu (the Egyptian moon god) or the initial Moon Knight and Imphotep.

Apocalypse Powers and Abilities

Apocalypse’s intelligence is at a level that humans cannot understand.

His knowledge of certain aspects of biology, particularly genetic mutation and engineering, and technological access exceed modern science.

Apocalypse was exposed to alien technology, and was able to make admirable scientific advances beyond what he had learned from them.

Superhuman Strength:

Apocalypse can increase his already impressive superhuman strength by calling on other energy sources outside of his body.

He was able to successfully restrain an enraged Hulk, Apocalypse can lift weight exceeding 100 tons.

Superhuman Stamina:

Apocalypse can indefinitely exert his body when he’s at peak physical condition. His body creates very minimal physical toxins when he is physically active.


Apocalypse’s body is incredibly resistant to njury. His resistance to harm was greatly improved by the Celestials’ modifications.

It is almost impossible to gravely wound him, although after his original body was destroyed, it is now possible to cause an injury to his body that doesn’t immediately regenerate.


Apocalypse can fly. He can achieve this through the use of his telekinetic power. He can also fly by converting his arms into jets or wings.


Apocalypse can teleport himself and others around the globe with minimal effort. He has been able to teleport a vast fortress with him, while leaving its startled occupants behind.

Bio-Molecular Alteration:

Apocalypse has complete control over his body’s bio-molecular structure. He can change it at any time. Matter manipulation has no effect on Apocalypse, because he can quickly change his molecular makeup to handle any situation.

Malleable Form:

Apocalypse can alter his body’s shape and size whenever he wishes. He can lengthen his limbs or torso, allow his body to become incredibly pressed out of shape without breaking and still keep his full dexterity.

Size Alteration:

Apocalypse can also change his size. He does this by either adding mass or subtracting mass from is assumed to be an extra-dimensional source.

Physical Superhuman Powers:

Apocalypse can easily alter his form to give him any superpower that he wants. He can quickly convert his fist and hands into powerful attack weapons.


Apocalypse can transmute items as needed. This ability is one that his people have been able to perform for generations.

Energy Generation:

Apocalypse has been able to generate energy for a variety of purposes.

Energy Absorption:

Apocalypse can absorb both energy and mass. This ability allows him to increase his power and strength to almost unlimited capabilities.

Superhuman Speed:

Apocalypse can add energy to his body, which allows him to quicken his reaction time and reflexes. This also enables him to move at seemingly superhuman speeds. He has used this power to effectively combat other beings with super-speed abilities.

Force Fields:

Apocalypse has shown the ability to create force fields that are almost impenetrable.

Energy Projection:

Apocalypse can emit potentially lethal energy bursts. He has also been able to push energy from inside his body and has been able to control those projections.


Apocalypse has certain telekinetic abilities. He can lift himself and other beings just by force of will.

Apocalypse can also psionically control inanimate items, other beings and even energy to a certain extent. He is able to “lift” weight surpassing 100 tons and has used his telekinetic power to allow him to “fly” at impressive speeds.


Apocalypse’s first body was immortal. He had lived for thousands of years, even before his original body was modified by the Celestial starcraft.

Apocalypse can will himself into a state of suspended animation. While it may seem on the outside that he’s in a coma, his body is using Celestial technology to repair any injuries he may have suffered.

The only drawback of the Celestials’ enhancement of Apocalypse’s body is that the techno-virus that allows him to heal also wreaks havoc on his body. This has caused him to find new replacement bodies from time to time.

Blood of Apocalypse:

His techno-organic blood has many interesting and unique properties. A single drop of his blood added to other blood or organs can rewrite the genetic material it occupies so that a new body for Apocalypse can be created.

Technology Interface:

Apocalypse can easily connect with any of the many technology sources that are available to him.

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