What Kind Of Guitar Does Oliver Anthony Play?

Have you been asking: What Kind Of Guitar Does Oliver Anthony Play? Following the discovery of the hit song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ many people want to get their hands on a similar resonator guitar to recreate the unique sound of Oliver Anthony.

find out below which type of resonator guitar Oliver Anthony plays in ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ while also exploring the impact of this viral song.

What Guitar Does Oliver Anthony Play?

In this rendition of Rich Men North of Richmond, among numerous other presentations, Oliver takes the stage with a Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Round-neck Resonator Guitar, boasting a resonant mahogany body with an exquisite 2-color Sunburst finish and a Padauk fingerboard.

Evidently, this model serves as his predominant instrument, as he has consistently showcased its melodic prowess in every performance to date.

(Noteworthy differentiators of the G9220 include the distinct white fingerboard outline, the presence of 3 fret dots, and a headstock design that differs from some of its Gretsch Resonator counterparts.)

Where To Buy A Resonator Guitar

We have found the perfect place to buy a Resonator Guitar so you can follow in the success of Oliver Anthony.

What is a Resonator Guitar

A resonator guitar is a type of acoustic guitar that produces sound through a metal resonator cone or cones rather than relying solely on the wooden soundboard to amplify the vibrations of the strings.

Resonator guitars were originally designed to be louder and project better in situations where conventional acoustic guitars might struggle to be heard, such as in larger ensembles or in outdoor settings before the advent of electric amplification.

Resonator guitars typically have a distinctive and unique appearance compared to traditional acoustic guitars.

They often feature a metal body, a metal resonator cone or cones mounted in the body, and a “spider” bridge that connects the strings to the resonator cone(s). The strings are usually elevated above the body by a bridge and saddle, allowing the resonator cone to vibrate freely and create a distinct and resonant sound.

There are three main types of resonator guitars:


A type of resonator guitar with a single resonator cone and a round wooden body. Dobros are often played in a horizontal position on the player’s lap and are commonly used in bluegrass and country music.


This type of resonator guitar has three resonator cones arranged in a triangle pattern. Tri-cone resonators produce a rich and complex sound and are often associated with vintage blues and slide guitar playing.


Similar to the tri-cone, but with a single resonator cone. Single-cone resonators are known for their bright and metallic sound and are used in various genres including blues, folk, and country.

Resonator guitars are popular among musicians who want a distinct and powerful acoustic sound, particularly for slide guitar playing due to the unique tonal characteristics they offer.

Who is Oliver Anthony

Emerging from obscurity, Oliver Anthony, an enigmatic country singer hailing from the quaint town of Farmville, Virginia, has become an instant sensation in the United States.

His meteoric rise can be attributed to his latest viral release, a song that has captivated hearts and ignited conversations across the nation.

The gifted singer-songwriter, known offstage as Christopher Anthony Lunsford, embarked on an unforeseen journey that has propelled him to the forefront of the music scene.

Debuting on YouTube’s digital stage on August 9, 2023, his evocative composition titled ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ swiftly amassed a staggering 20 million views.

Such unprecedented resonance propelled the song to dominate the charts on Apple Music and iTunes, reaffirming its profound impact on listeners far and wide.

Yet, the song’s triumphant ascent has been accompanied by a maelstrom of controversy and deliberation.

The lyrics of ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ boldly critique political figures, welfare beneficiaries, and the haunting specter of child trafficking. This confluence of sentiment has further stoked the fires of public discourse.

The roots of Oliver Anthony’s artistic odyssey can be traced to his past life as a factory worker grappling with substance abuse. In 2021, he found solace and redemption through songwriting, employing his creative endeavors as a vessel to navigate his personal demons.

In a candid video shared on YouTube, he revealed that music became a sanctuary to voice his sentiments and frustrations, a medium through which he could channel his observations on the state of the nation.

Remarkably, he declared himself apolitical, embracing a stance firmly positioned in the center of the ideological spectrum.

Crafting his musical expressions through the lens of his phone camera, Anthony unveiled original compositions like ‘Ain’t Gotta Dollar’ and ‘I’ve Got to Get Sober’ on his modest YouTube channel.

Initially garnering a meager audience of several hundred subscribers, his talent gradually found recognition. His live performances at local venues and the Farmville Music Festival in July 2023 further kindled his nascent reputation.

Standing as the magnum opus of his burgeoning catalog, ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ reverberates with a poignant narrative.

The song’s lyrics chronicle the tale of a laborer burdened by meager earnings and ensnared in the web of oppression cast by the “rich men north of Richmond” – an allusion to the federal lawmakers in the nation’s capital.

The song’s verses mourn the plight of homelessness, the specter of suicide, the weight of taxation, and the tendrils of corruption that grip the nation’s fabric.

The song’s lyrical resonance was swiftly amplified as it cascaded across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit.

This digital deluge of appreciation manifested as millions of views, likes, comments, and shares – a testament to its raw emotion, infectious melody, and relatable essence. It garnered designations as a “blue-collar anthem” and even a “right-wing anthem,” embracing themes that resonated deeply with many.

The song’s impact rippled beyond the digital realm, capturing the attention of prominent conservative figures such as US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kari Lake, a former Arizona gubernatorial candidate, and commentator Matt Walsh.

These voices of influence ardently endorsed the song, perceiving it as a poignant articulation of essential truths. Greene heralded it as a dire necessity for the nation, while Lake deemed it the anthem of the present American moment. Walsh went as far as to label it a masterpiece and the most significant cultural occurrence of our era.

Undoubtedly, the song’s resonance translated into commercial triumph. Its ascension to the pinnacles of Apple Music, iTunes, and even Spotify underscored its unwavering popularity.

By August 18, 2023, ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ perched at the zenith of Apple Music’s Top 100 USA chart and reigned as the numero uno on iTunes’ Top 40 US Country chart. Additionally, it made a resounding entry into Spotify’s Top 50 USA playlist, landing comfortably at the third spot.

Oliver Anthony’s journey from relative obscurity to sensational prominence is a testament to the power of authentic expression, resonating themes, and the digital connectivity of our age. His poignant ballad has carved its mark not just in music, but also in the cultural and political tapestry of contemporary America.

What Is The Song ‘rich Men North Of Richmond’ About?

The essence of the song’s title likely alludes to the political landscape of Washington, DC, as it sits geographically just north of Richmond, Virginia. Within the lyrics of the track, Anthony casts a somber gaze upon the present global condition. His words take aim at both the privileged class (“I yearn for politicians to champion miners’ rights / Instead of indulging minors on a distant shore”) and those who face financial adversity (“Dear Lord, destitute souls roam, hunger as their kin / While the prosperous exploit welfare’s offerings / Almighty, when someone stands five-three, three hundred pounds / Tax dollars seem misplaced on their snack hoard’s bounds”).

Anthony has noted that this track signifies his inaugural endeavor recorded using bona fide recording equipment – a genuine microphone and camera – in contrast to the previous reliance on his cellular device.

In a video message shared on August 14, he took a moment to reflect on the song’s resounding triumph and assess his own musical talents. He humbly conveyed, “I must express gratitude for your kind words, though I must admit, I lack… I’m not a proficient musician. My guitar skills are modest, my vocalizations passable. The driving force behind this achievement is you and your individual struggles. That is the core of what has shaped this creation into its current form.”

Powerful Lyrics

The song commences with a poignant proclamation, “A lamentable truth, the world’s metamorphosis / For ordinary souls, like me and perhaps you.” In these opening verses, the lyrics paint a somber portrait of the commonplace citizen, grappling with daily tribulations and systemic inequities. The recurring chorus, echoing the refrain of the “affluent above Richmond’s bounds,” serves as a stark commentary on the political elites entrenched in Washington, DC – a mere hundred miles north of Richmond. The sentiment conveys a palpable sense of estrangement and disconnection between the wielders of power and the subjects governed.

The Message

Oliver Anthony’s lyrical opus, while centered on the chasm between the working class and the privileged echelons, opens itself to myriad interpretations. Beneath its surface, listeners have unearthed layers of significance, forging personal connections with its message. This profound resonance becomes evident as individuals identify resonances between the song’s narrative and their own lived encounters, reaffirming its pertinence in the contemporary milieu.

Similar Songs

The resonance in both tone and spirit between “Rich Men North of Richmond” and renowned country anthems, such as Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town,” is unmistakable. However, Anthony’s creation stands unique, carving an individualistic niche through its compelling storyline and genuine musicality.

A Cultural Impact

The song’s meteoric propagation across digital channels underscores its profound cultural import. Its ascent beyond the zenith of country music charts signifies its role as a beacon, mirroring the profound divisions and shared sentiments coursing through the tapestry of American society.

Musical Influences

Emanating from the wellsprings of bluegrass and folk influences, the composition radiates a melody infused with raw authenticity. The simplicity in its arrangement magnifies Oliver’s vocal prowess, encapsulating a potent fusion of ardor, exasperation, and optimism.

“Rich Men North of Richmond” is far from a mere entry into the annals of country music. It encapsulates a poignant reflection of contemporary societal sentiments – a clarion call for empathy, and a guiding light for many. Its meteoric ascent stands as a testament to its profound resonance with the masses it addresses.

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