Titans: New Photos Show the Team Coming Together

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    Evie Rowley

    While circumstances brought Robin and Raven together in the premiere, Starfire is on a different continent and we don’t have the foggiest idea how Beast Boy (who so far has only shown up for one scene) fits into the picture yet. However, the images from episode 3, which will be available for streaming starting this Friday, suggest that we’ll soon have a much better idea of how these very disparate individuals find themselves on the same team. Raven, who was last seen being taken by the Nuclear Family, is shown with both Starfire AND Beast Boy in the pics. Who she isn’t seen with? The Nuclear Family, suggesting she may give them the slip (possibly with the aid of Starfire or Beast Boy?). We also see Starfire and Raven with Dick, but we don’t see Hawk and Dove, giving us no hints to the fallout of last episode’s brutal attack on the duo. Seriously, Dove can’t really be dead, can she? Can she?!?!


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