The Gifted Season 3 – Everything We Know

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      [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="586"]The Gifted Season 3 The Gifted Season 3 – What do we know?[/caption]

      The second season of The Gifted just recently finished airing. The finale of the second season aired on March 3, 2019. The show has managed to grow quite a lot over the years. The second season of the show was pretty decent, and I am sure a lot of fans enjoyed it. With the second season over now, the fans are waiting for the third season of the show. But, is it happening?

      There is no word regarding the third season of the show. FOX hasn’t revealed any information about the third season, and it is obvious that it will take some time for FOX to release the information. I mean the show has only just ended, and when you look at the current era when the show with highest of ratings end up being canceled, it is only plausible to assume that FOX is going to have some thinking to do.

      The show was renewed for a second season back in January 2018. I don’t want to jump the gun but, if FOX takes too long to make a decision, then I am afraid that The Gifted will end up being canceled like many other Marvel shows.

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      Should The Gifted be Kept or Cut?

      Whereas Season 1 meandered a bit, busy with table-setting and backfilling backstories, Season 2 set up clear and interesting stakes as the Mutant Underground splintered, with some defecting to the Inner Circle. Interpersonal dynamics were in turn shored up, causing us to cheer the meeting of a father and his newborn daughter… or weep when a hero seemingly lost his love toward season’s end. The show also boasts a largely solid cast, with many an actor (though not all) putting a firm, definitive stamp on the character they were playing.

      The numbers ain’t super. Season 2 averaged fewer than 2 million viewers and just under a 0.6 rating, dropping 40 percent from its freshman run. Among Fox’s 10 dramas, it delivers the smallest audience and only bests Friday newbie Proven Innocent in the demo. (And its DVR playback boosts are neither here nor there.) For a cheapo three-camera sitcom, those numbers might pass muster, but The Gifted costs some coin, and it sounds like Season 3 would require even more powers to be on display. Plus, with Disney about to own 20th Century Fox (which produces The Gifted in association with Marvel), would the broadcast network want to pay someone else to air an under-performer?

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