Swamp Thing: The grossest body horror ever put on TV


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      Congratulations, Swamp Thing, on having some of the grossest body horror ever put on TV

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"]Swamp Thing TV Show Swamp Thing TV Show[/caption]

      This isn’t a complaint. I am thrilled to report that the latest addition to DC Universe’s stable of live-action adaptations is one of the most sickeningly gruesome body-horror tales I have ever seen committed to the small screen.


      The best compliment I can think of to make is that it’s like a fusion of the effects of The Thing and The Fly, upgraded and uncomfortable in its CGI-aided depiction of the titular transformations.


      I have no idea how much of what I’m seeing is practical effects, which is a compliment to the smooth and unsettling digital rendering (and rending) of flesh as it’s punctured, stripped, flayed, pierced, suppurated, and riven through with distressingly organic matter.


      It’s not flawless, as there are obvious moments of green-screen effects (usually when the branchlike bayou material needs to move fast), but I would argue these sequences simply leaven the proceedings by returning your attention to the action and story, rather than being transfixed by imagery as the more intimate scenes of horror can achieve.


      It works, is the general bullet point.


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