Black Lightning episode 1 review: The Resurrection

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    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="825"]Black Lightning season 1 episode 1 review Black Lightning season 1 episode 1 review[/caption]

    There are many elements of Black Lightning that will set it apart fom the rest of The CW’s superhero line-up: Rather than an origin story, it is about a middle-aged man returning to a life of crime-fighting after a nine-year break. It is a superhero story that confronts not simply crime, but the institutions and systemic oppressions that create and support it. And, most importantly, it is unabashedly black.

    This shouldn’t be a revelation, but, in a pop culture landscape overrun with superhero TV shows and movies, Black Lightning is the rare narrative that gives a black man, and the black community around him, centre stage.


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